Diversion Information Exchange Forum (DIEF)

What is the DIEF?

The Diversion Information Exchange Forum (DIEF) is a sui generis body for informal voluntary exchanges between States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and signatory States concerning concrete cases of detected or suspected diversion and for sharing concrete, operational diversion-related information.

The DIEF was formally established by the Sixth Conference of States Parties (CSP) (see paragraph 40 of the CSP6 Final Report).

The operation of the DIEF is governed by the following:

DIEF Chair

The current Chair of the DIEF is Mr. Alejandro ALBA FERNÁNDEZ of Mexico.

Mr. ALBA FERNÁNDEZ will serve as the Chair of the DIEF until the conclusion of CSP8.

Meetings of the DIEF

CSP7 mandated the CSP8 President to organize the first formal meeting of the Diversion Information Exchange Forum within the timeframe and budget allocated for ATT meetings in 2022, and in line with its Terms of Reference (see paragraph 27(b) of the CSP7 Final Report).

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