CSP7 Speakers' List 

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The opening of the Speakers’ List for the Seventh Conference of States Parties (CSP7) to the Arms Trade Treaty will be announced by the ATT Secretariat in due course.

With reference to the Rules of Procedure (see below), CSP7 participants wishing to be included in the list of speakers for one or more agenda items should submit a request to the ATT Secretariat at info@thearmstradetreaty.org with the following information:

  1. Subject title: CSP7 Speakers’ List
  2. Name of the State
  3. Name of the delegate who will speak on behalf of the State or organization (if known)
  4. The Agenda item(s) the State or organization wishes to speak under

Please also submit to the Secretariat electronic or hard copies of all statements provided during CSP7 to facilitate interpretation, time management and to enable posting on the ATT website.

Please note: All CSP7 sessions must completed within the allocated time as indicated in the CSP7 programme of work. Time limits will be strictly enforced by the chair of each session to ensure that all delegates wishing to speak have the opportunity to do so, and to avoid sessions running over time.

The speakers list shall be drawn according to the provisions of the ATT Rules of Procedure quoted below:

Rule 20 – Statements (extract from ATT Rules of Procedure)

  1. No representative may address the Conference without having previously obtained the permission of the President. The President shall call upon speakers in the order in which they signify their desire to speak.
  2. The Secretariat shall be in charge of drawing up a list of speakers. Unless otherwise decided by the President for each specific session, observers States shall be invited to speak only after the list of speakers of States Parties and signatory States has been exhausted and other observers may speak thereafter. When a statement is delivered on behalf of a group of States Parties and signatory States, this statement is pronounced in priority.
  3. The debate shall be confined to the item before the Conference, and the President may call a speaker to order if his/her remarks are not relevant to the item under discussion. Speakers who continue to make remarks not relevant to the item under discussion shall have their speaking rights withdrawn for the duration of the debate.
  4. The President may limit the time allowed to each speaker and the number of times each representative may speak on any question. When a limit has been set and a speaker exceeds the allotted time, the President shall call him/her to order without delay.

During the course of a debate, the President may announce the list of speakers and, with the consent of the Conference, declare the list closed.