CSP6 Statements

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    As there will not be an in-person meeting in Geneva for CSP6, stakeholders will participate in the Conference through written statements, and decisions of the Conference will be taken by States Parties via silence procedure.

    States Parties and other stakeholders are invited to submit any written statements to the Conference, including general statements (usually delivered during the CSP agenda item titled ‘General Debate’), to the ATT Secretariat at info@thearmstradetreaty.org by 14 August 2020. The ATT Secretariat will make all statements publicly available on this webpage.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Statements may be submitted in any of the official languages of the Conference (Arabic, English, French Spanish, Chinese and Russian). However, written statements submitted to CSP6 will not be translated and so stakeholders are encouraged to provide translations where possible.

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